About Goolti.com

Goolti.com is an attempt to consolidate the very fragmented market of Indian software professionals working as consultants in the US with various staffing companies based out of either US or India.

Some of these staffing companies are notorious when it comes to dispensing regular paychecks & bonuses to their employees and red taping the process of transferring of H1B visas. This causes a lot of inconvenience to the professionals employed with these firms who often are very new to the US.

Goolti.com offers a platform where software professionals working for such consultancy companies (referred to as Goolti companies) can voice their opinion and enlighten several other fellow professionals about the good/bad parts of working with such consultancy firms. With Goolti.com a software professional can make a more informed decision before joining a consultancy firm.

Very soon we are introducing the Goolti rating charts which compare and rate Goolti companies based on the opinions received through the software consultants graphically. Several more features will be added.

Goolti.com Team

Goolti.com is an effort by a single person: Harshal Vaidya. This venture is self-funded.