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What is and why do we need

There are thousands of Indian professionals in the US who are employed with small consultancy firms. Most of these professionals work on an H1B Visa.

Everyone who finds themselves working with these staffing firms has a story to tell. Some do not get their paychecks on time, others have their H1B original papers held by their firms and yet others have a certain part of their pay held up to hedge against the employees leaving the firms. This is especially true about the students who pass out of colleges on F1 and get into one of such firms on an H1B.

Professionals working for outsourcing companies like Infosys, Wipro and the like often leave their otherwise cushioned but low paid jobs to join such consultancy firms for a much better paycheck. However, sometimes they find themselves into a rut with so much red tapism going around. is an attempt to provide such software professionals a platform to voice their opinions and experiences so that they can make better and more informed decisions about joining a particular consultancy. Experiences of professionals working for or who have worked with a particular consultancy can immensly help a professional who is in process of making a decision to join the same firm.

What can one do at

At any professional can place a descriptive opinion about his experiences working with a consultancy. He/She can also advise someone about the pros and cons of joining that consultancy. As evolves and adds features one will be able to view a particular consultancy as compared with its competitors and also ratings based on popular opinion on that consultancy firm. Professionals will be also able to connect with other professionals for consultation.

Also, ratings based on which Goolti company has a better clients or opportunities in the industry will be put up soon.

Why the name 'Goolti'. Dosen't that mean Telugu?

Its very well known by now that Telugu people in the US are heavily involved in running many consultancy firms. When you hear the term Goolti the first thing that now comes in mind is folks with a consultancy company! Hence, I thought this could be a catchy term for a website which aims at reviews of desi consultancy firms in general.

Please note that, the website name is not intended towards mocking Telugu community or insulting it. There are hundres of consultancy firms which are not run by Telugu people. Those are also intended to be reviewed here. Goolti is just a catchy name so that people remember the name of the website when they want information for or review a Desi consultancy firm.

Please take the Goolti term in the spirit of Humour rather than any mocking or insult.

Are people behind Telugu?

No. I am not Telugu.

What is the legitimacy of the reviews/opinions of desi consultancy firms written on

The review opinions expressed by people on this forum are their own individual views. There is no guarantee of its legitimacy. is not responsible these opinions. This is a forum where each and every body can express their own view-point whether positive or negative. We understand that people will tend to express more of their grunts rather than +ve views. But as the site gains acceptance people will also start posting positive reviews about the desi consultants they work with. If you see the homepage today you will already see that +ve reviews have also started coming in.


(1) does not take any responsibility of the comments posted by the users.

(2) The email addresses left by the users (along with the opinion) are only to facilitate communication between themselves. The email addresses are NOT verified. The users are at a liberty to leave non real email addresses.

(3) No opinion can be taken to be 100% true since this is a anonymous web forum. The identities of the users who post their opinions are not known.

How do you plan to deal with people who try to abuse the forum with profane remarks and personal attacks? platform will be continously monitored for any misuse, abuse or profanity. All the comments, posts with such content will be immediately deleted.

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